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Who are we?

The finest authentic arts & gifts on the Big Island

Are you looking to go home with a genuine piece of Hawaii? Everything that comes out of our gallery is made right here on the island.

Stop on by today! We offer:

  • Handcrafted Wood

  • Beautiful Art

  • Jewelry

  • Clothing

    & So much more!


Our Mission

Puna Gallery and Gift Emporium serves as your one stop shop of the highest quality arts and gifts perfect for ANY occasion.

We’ve hand selected the best the Big Island has to offer. With a wide selection of glassware to jewelry, from coffee to clothing, from hand-crafted tables to bowls, from fine arts to prints.

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These are just a few of MANY pieces of art we have to offer at Puna Gallery.

Every piece has a story to tell, but not just any story. It encapsulates memory. A time in life when these unique locations were available. When viewed from right to left it’s hard not to envision all the family trips down to the warm ponds.

EH_Warm Ponds_925$.JPG

Warm ponds

Warm Ponds was an incredibly popular location on the Big Island to hang out, grill, enjoy the water or fish. With the recent eruption of Kīlauea, the lava flowed over the Warm Ponds. This piece serves as a reminder of all the good times.


road by the sea

As you exit the Red Road you would make your way to the open coast lined with palm trees. The enticing combination of the sea with the natural beauty surrounding you.

Hi'i aki & Pele

Road to kalapana

The road to Kalapana, also known as The Red Road is one of the most scenic roads in the entire state. As you drive on this road you’re taken through rocky lava fields, lush coconut groves, tropical rainforests, old plantations, and black sand beaches.




All of our wooden pieces are beautiful hand crafted works made here on the Big Island. These are just a few pieces.

Markoff Bowl1.JPG

Markoff bowl

Handmade bowl made by our very own Amedeo Markoff, the owner of Puna Gallery.

RK Hawaii Boxes1.JPG

hawaii boxes

Our boxes are perfect for trinkets, jewelry, or other small items.

RK Cutting Board $167.JPG

rk cutting board

Made by Ray Koyabashi, the cutting boards we have to offer are nothing but the highest quality product.

Puna Gallery

15-2901 Pahoa Village Road
Pahoa, HI, 96778


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